Austin Presbyterian Seminary Archives

The Austin Seminary Archives at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary serves as the repository for all aspects of the educational and spiritual work of the Seminary, going back to its founding in 1902. We also collect material documenting the Presbyterian Church in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Our collections include congregational history material, sermons, pastoral records, photographs, and much more. One collection focus that is popular with our researchers is the history of Presbyterianism in Mexican-American communities in Texas. We also have collections documenting Presbyterian churches in Austin, the interaction between the Seminary and The University of Texas at Austin, and the architectural history of our campus and the surrounding area just north of UT. The archives supports the faculty, staff, students, and other researchers by providing physical and intellectual access to the collections through appraisal, acquisition, arrangement, description, preservation, cataloging, and reference service. We are open to the public, and are happy to help anyone interested in using our materials! Find out more about the Austin Seminary Archives on our web site here:

Austin Presbyterian Seminary's first students circa 1903
Austin Presbyterian Seminary’s first students circa 1903