Join the Archivists of Central Texas for the Austin Archives Bazaar on Sunday, April 24, 2022 from 12-4pm at The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company (aka ABGB) in South Austin! The Bazaar is a FREE afternoon featuring:

  • 22 local repository booths where you can chat it up with your local archivists
  • Speakers Stage where you can hear 4 different speakers discussing their discoveries in the archives
  • Preservation Station – bring your cherished materials, such as photographs, old letters, and family scrapbooks, to learn from professionals how to best preserve your memories. And pick up a copy of our booklet full of information and advice, “Preservation 101: How to Manage Your Personal Archive.”
  • Oral History Storytelling Booth – record your memories for posterity
  • An archival film screening from the Texas Archive of the Moving Image
  • Clips from our new Art & Archives program series
  • Door prizes 
  • Beers with like-minded, history-loving locals
  • And more!

Don’t let going to an archive be an intimidating experience! Learn about your area archives, have a great time finding out the best way to preserve your personal items, and discover all of the genuinely cool objects preserved in collections around town.