Oral History Storytelling Booth

What to Expect

The Austin Archives Bazaar Oral History Storytelling Booth offers participants an opportunity to record a 15-minute interview about an interesting Austin story. Interviews may involve two friends having a conversation, a family member interviewing a family member, or an individual being interviewed by our professional oral history facilitator.

Listen to the 2016 Oral History Booth Recordings here!

Want more? You can also listen to the 2014 Recordings!


1. Participants will sign up onsite the day of the event. You will be informed then of when to return for your time slot to record! 

2. Welcome and Interview PrepPlease allow 30 minutes for the entire process. The recording itself will take only 15 minutes. However, time will be needed to review the process and paperwork with our volunteers, and conduct a sound check.

3. Equipment set up/sound check. Our dedicated A-V technician will conduct a sound check and ensure the recorder and microphone are set up properly for each participant.

4. Recorded interview/storytelling. The best and most exciting part of the process — recording your story! Our facilitator will walk through sample talking points, questions, and basic interviewing tips before you begin.


5. Sign release form and arrange delivery of your recording. Immediately following the interview, participants will sign a release form and the team will make arrangements to deliver a copy of the recording via email. The interviews will be deposited at the Austin History Center of the Austin Public Library, where it shall be made available to the public. You may view a copy of the release form here.

Sample Questions

When did you come to Austin?

How long has your family been here?

What is your favorite memory of Austin?

What restaurants, stores, theaters, or other institutions did you love that are no longer here?

How has the town changed since you’ve lived here?

How hasn’t the town changed since you’ve lived here?

Who have been some of your favorite personalities over the years?

Are there any Austin events that are especially memorable for you?